THE DOODLES: February 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

exams tension

The exam tension

Exams are bringing me tension

And makes me unhappy..

Maths, science ,tamil it goes on

People are there in mines of dream …

Planning of pass or fail



Are good enough for me


Are not enough for me

Pupils of mind as a CPU of

System makes the often rule.

Let us see want ever comes

Face to be ready to beat it ..

There only three words more to

Say is

!!All the best !!

pain that ever drain

Pain that ever drain

Pain that ever drain ,

It followed me as a chain

There is no gain

My went vain…


It all comes in a chain

There no good sign

Which made me a beg of


After ,

I went in a plane .


These words are mine

Don’t forget

The main that you don’t

Have a