THE DOODLES: June 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


In a lonely time of dusk<< ? >>
the world is gold
as precious mine falling down...

As rays  of a lovely god … the sun
Sharing its own ones to everyone >>>>

And then moves to
The big blue screen
wide wide most wide...

Cant even e- fill-tower can touch
Is a beauty that carries so many in ...

The clouds which moves without any support …
Tis also carries the birds
it helps us to spot the birds …

And also the birds
sacrificing their own life
to the  cruked man >>>

There are many season to share >>>
Summer , rain , winter , autumn 
goes off >>>

The dusk when the sun comes out
and dawn goes in

As the routine of the computer
the input – process – output…

Animals, the dolls really
to say all’s of god>>>

The bright one in round
That comes in night
as the wife for the god sun
It is no matter  the moon…

cant express the beauty of her children
Twinkling stars…

But all in other
the fact says ..
man could not accept the thing
that he is an another doll
of nature …