THE DOODLES: The laszy man who went for work

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The laszy man who went for work

Once upon a time there  lived a lazy man. He did’nt eat for a long time, take bath or brush teeth.
One dayhe saw a olman who is ninety years old coming from a long distance.
He asked him “ why are you going for work”?
The old man replied that he is going for work for food & etc., I am having a family they should also eat
If you also go for work you can also earn some money. then you will be get married .then you will be having a family soon…

Come with me I will get u a work .otherwise search yourself.

The man agree I will come with you he got a nice job he earned some money
He ate a nice food which he is seeing first time in his life …
He thanked the old man & went

MOREL: Do not be lazy.


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