Monday, June 27, 2011


These I have drawn with the Theme given by my Drawing Teacher. We should think, imagine the situation and draw.  I posted some from my collections.

Below pictures had been done in My Basic 1 and Basic 2 Levels and now I m in Basic 3 level.

This Picture Theme is  " A Bird in a forest" . Here u can see the wood pecker  having a fruit/nut in its beak after a tiresome work of poking a wood. Near by u can view a small house, greeneries around and a foot path leading to it.  In between i sketch some trees, shelter and mushroom house.

Title : Add scene of "Bubble Bath"
I just imagined a tortoise enjoying a bubble bath in a big urn instead of trying usual human bath. Its something differnt bath of animal kind.  Look the tortoise how enjoy its bathing.

Title: A scene of Zoo:
I imagined a  monkey newly arrived to a zoo and a Giraffe staring at it in an enthu....

Tiltle: Panda in orphanage
A panda sitting in a branch, under the panda there is a safety bed that blue and yellow colr one. 

Title: Park scene:
I drawn a  key chain model of elephant,  scooty lock, tea cup chair and some play things like slide and see saw at a park.

Title: Rainbow and colors:

The magical horses (unicon) flying and playing with each other around the rainbow.

Tilte: Christmas Party:
Its a party of Christmas night.

 The Warriors of  Narnia:
That time We have been to the Movie " Narnia" and I drawn the below picture, keeping the movie's scene in my mind. Some how I tried to match up the ship with the one I saw in the movie in a backround of ocean.
Hope you all enjoyed the above. Thanks visiting.

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